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Autocross Practice: Orange 3
ClassNumberNameRegionLap 1Lap 2Lap 3Lap 4Lap 5
SS09908Tweed, TomSan Diego1:12.331:11.751:12.55  
CC03171Walker, RobSan Diego1:20.571:19.881:19.231:21.371:23.78
CC04295Kinninger, ErikSan Diego1:16.191:13.291:13.42  
CC08664Eisler, SteveSan Diego1:20.121:20.621:19.771:19.74 
CC09317English, ChrisSan Diego1:16.391:15.98   
CC10393Barnum, TerrySan Diego1:11.791:11.881:12.471:12.59 
CC11342Ly, VinhSan Diego1:14.051:13.66   
CC13142Van Noy, BryanSan Diego1:21.561:15.221:15.051:15.751:13.06
CC13911Verlaque, KeithSan Diego1:15.871:14.991:14.341:15.42 
CC15619Stad, AlainSan Diego1:12.341:11.761:11.991:11.751:11.64
CC16307Gildersleeve, RichSan Diego1:12.761:12.221:12.381:12.481:12.96
X800Lewis, CarlSan Diego1:12.091:12.77   
X410K, AndreasSan Diego1:14.081:14.361:14.031:15.01 
X786Zaidi, HassanSan Diego1:15.331:15.041:14.961:15.71